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Tongue Piercing

Posted By Lisa871983 on Oct 15, 2009 at 5:50PM

I had my tongue pierced for about 4 years, but the piercing fell out and I just got lazy and let it close up (which I am kicking myself for)  I want to get it done again, but will it be difficult to do because of the scar tissue?  It's been closed for over 3 years.  Also, the first time around I had no problems with it, it healed great.  If I get it done again, is the tongue peircing prone to getting very infected?  Any help would be great.  thanks!!!!

Question about Tragus Piercing

Posted By Lisa871983 on Oct 15, 2009 at 5:48PM

About 6 years ago I got my tragus pierced and I followed the instructions and it got terribly infected, so much so that I actually had to go back to the shop and they had to use needle-nosed pliars to get it out.  I want to get it done again, should I go to a different place?  Is there anything special I can use to prevent this from happening again?  From what I rememeber I think they told me to use liquid dial soap and turn it??  I could be wrong.  Can I get it pierced in the same ear it was in, or should I used the other ear?  Any help would be great.

Damn nose ring

Posted By t0xxic on Jun 8, 2007 at 11:58AM

I just want to complain for a minute and ask for input.
I got my nose pierced last year. Ive kept my orginal ring in its one of the cork screws so its not easy to take out. HOWEVER some how its gone. I woke up yesterday and the damn thing was no longer in my nose. At the moment I cant just go and buy another ring. I have one of those little studs you can get just about anywhere so I can keep my hole open but it falls out too at night. And Im scared one morning Im not going to be able to find this one either. Its considerably smaller then my corkscrew. I cant find my ring anywhere though. So any advice on what to do what to get next how to prevent it constantly coming out? I love my peircing but I also dont want to have to go thru getting it re done if it were to close up.

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Is a tattoo on the foot really painful?

Posted By ohlalaitsamd on Jun 8, 2007 at 8:25AM

hey..i've heard getting a tattoo on your foot is painful..just wanted to know ppl who've experienced it b/c i want to get "today is a gift" in script with a star at the end tattooed on top of my going across on a slant..just wanted to hear some opinions on the pain...thanks so much...o and also i'm def getting this tattoo next month so i dont even cara bout the pain but i guess ill ask..does a tattoo hurt on ur stomach..at the bottom right side of ur stomach bc im getting small shooting stars there..even tho im def getting it i guess i'ld like feedback on that too..ok thanx

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What do you use to take care of a new piercing?

Posted By Jessica Brunson on May 30, 2007 at 7:35AM

With my newly infected tragus piercing I was just curious what everyone does in taking care of their piercings! I hate infections because they are a pain to get rid of and they hurt like the dickens!

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What aftercare do you use for your tattoo?

Posted By Jessica Brunson on May 30, 2007 at 7:28AM

It seems as though there are so many different choices and options out there. It also seems that each tattoo artist is going to tell you different things when it comes to aftercare. Some give some people an allergic reaction (such as Bacitracin or Neosporin) while some will not protect against infection for those prone to infection (A&D), while others fade the tattoo colors. With aftercare being the factor in how well your tattoo is going to keep I was just curious as to which is used more often than others.

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H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray

Posted By Jessica Brunson on May 30, 2007 at 7:19AM


"H2Ocean piercing aftercare spray is the most effective product for cleansing and healing a new body piercing. This sea salt solution is the only aftercare product that is natural to your body and uses the same antibacterial enzymes found in your tears, saliva, and salt water system of your body." ( http://www.h2ocean.com/ )

I had heard pleasant things about H2Ocean from friends who had gotten their tragus pierced and used it to clean their piercings. I had always used bactine and thought well why not give this a try because my friend had a bunch left over and just gave me the can. I didn't like the sting of it so i just used it sparingly. Within the last week I started using it more and it would make the hole crusty so I stopped using it. Four days ago I got an infection and a lump. As I have been cleaning it the lump has been going down and the infection has been getting better. I will never use this stuff again and I will probably never venture into using anything other than Bactine since it works so well for me.
I gave it one half of a star because it worked well for others but gave me an infection. Try at your own risk. Feel free to tell me your experiences with this product!!!

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I got my tat!

Posted By t0xxic on May 6, 2007 at 11:24PM

If you look at my av thats what I planned to get. And now I have it. I got it today yipee! its my mothers day gift
My new tatMy new tat
These bears come from the book "God gave us you" a bedtime story that I read to mikey almost every night.

So last night I got my tat priced. The guy wanted 30 but he didnt seem interested in taking any iniative to be creative so I went somewhere else and this guy was. I got it in riverside at ground zero tattoo I think.... the guys name was george. Took an hour pretty much. He did all the coloring work it was his idea to put the blue in the wings and shit. I like it alot. The only thing is that Jr is a little higher then Mikey but its not noticeable unless you stare an shit. Didnt hurt well Nicks hurt a bit and its a bit sore now, Im glad I got it done. If I even have another kid to theres room above or below to add another bear. I didnt pass out like last time either I made sure that I ate first! lol

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My new tattoo!!

Posted By sashak on May 1, 2007 at 3:43PM

:WOOHOO: this is my new tattoo. It is Greek for "calm". Like, calm in character, peaceful nature, etc. It is to remind me to calm the hell down! Yes, it hurt, but it only took about 20 minutes total.

Without the marks above the 2nd & 4th letters it means "weasel"!! :ROTFL:

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Tatoo removal

Posted By Babycake on Apr 28, 2007 at 5:20AM

My SO has 4 tatoos on his arms, and they are not too small. After being turned downed for 2 amazing jobs that he was better qualified for than the undereducated , no experience hacks they hired, simply because of the "image" they were trying to project, he has begrudgingly decided to have them removed. He has already undergone 2 lazer treaments, which cause a great deal of pain, blistering, peeling, scabbing and feverish arms. They are faded, but the blues and greens are really hanging on. He has paid for 2 more, but I am not altogether sure that is going to do it. Has anyone else had any experience with tatoo removal? By the way, mine are not going anywhere. I have 4, and considering a no 5, but unlike my SO, mine are smaller, and in places that don't have to show unless I want them to and will not interfere with my employability.

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